RedmineReport: RedmineReport Version 3.8.70 available!

Added by Redmine Admin over 5 years ago

The new version brings full ldap support and a couple of new features and bugfixes.

With the new version we have a small database inside, so you just give RedmineReport a read-access to your Redmine-Database and we'll do the rest.

Additional to that we are working on the documentation. In the meantime, we offer all RedmineReport users a one-hour individual web session to help you with the installation and give you a short introduction to the main features of RedmineReport - free of charge.

So: Join the RedmineReport community and make good things better!

RedmineReport: RedmineReport update in a few days....

Added by Redmine Admin over 5 years ago

With the new version you can start reporting directly without configurating a database for Redminereport - now we use (in the standard setup) a internal database.
Additional to that we have a couple of new features....

- full LDAP support
- report-parameter helper
- define scripts, assign them to users....
- better export functions
- ...

feel free to contact us for more details....

RedmineReport: RedmineReport Version 3.8.60 available!

Added by Redmine Admin almost 6 years ago

RedmineReport Version 3.8.60 available!

atori has released the new version 3.8.60 of RedmineReport.
This release contains a set of new features like:

- Starting scripts and other application from RedmineReport
- Assign specific background for dashboards
- organize your scripts in subdirectories
- define user-specific scripts for logon or init
- define scripts for system startup and shutdown
- open reports or website from script
- define a scrollable dashboard
- define dashboards, which cannot be closed by the user
- create a new report-entry by drag-n-drop
- check your report with the new preview function, while setup the report

RedmineReport: Update will be available soon

Added by Redmine Admin almost 6 years ago

Next week (17.01.2014) we will release a new update-Package with new features like event-scripting, dynamic Dashboard-background, script-editor extensions, closable dashboards and many more.

You'll find the new package (Version 3.8.60) in the atori Package repository .... it is easy to install.
For more information .... just contact us or drop a message in the forum.

The atori-Team

RedmineReport: Happy new year!

Added by Redmine Admin almost 6 years ago

We wish you a successfull new year and all the best and health!!

the atori-team

RedmineReport: RedmineReport demo site

Added by Redmine Admin almost 6 years ago

The demo site for RedmineReport is now online. Please access at and login with user demo and password demo

RedmineReport: RedmineReport - atori launches community version

Added by Redmine Admin almost 6 years ago

With RedmineReport atori GmbH provides a royalty free JASreport solution to the Redmine community.

RedmineReport is not just a special version of our reporting platform JASreport, but also a ready to use solution for your redmine system.
RedmineReport comes with an already installed set of reports which address the Redmine topic of issue tracking.

We strongly encourage all Redmine user to start creating their own reports that fit their needs best and share them with the rest of us.

If you could think of yourself of someone who is willing to contribute his ideas to the public, please get in touch with us:


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